Terms and Conditions

Fees, Deposits and Refunds

  1. A fee is charged for each class enrolled per term.
  2. Students are expected to attend all classes and an invoice will be raised for the whole term.
  3. Fees will only be pro rata when a student starts during a term.
  4. A pro-forma invoice for students who enrol mid term will be issued to enable payment immediately (see Clause 9 below).
  5. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance other than for the reason set out in Clause 15
  6. Refunds will not be given where a class has to be cancelled and rescheduled for the reasons set out in Clause 15.
  7. Fees are currently exempt from VAT.


  1. Invoices must be settled as per the dates given on the invoice.
  2. New students should pay using the pro-forma invoice.
  3. Payment can be made:

10.1      By bank transfer to:

HSBC Bank     Acc number 62735385   Sort Code 40-31-06

Bank transfers should in all instances reference the relevant Invoice number. Failure to do so may result in the payment being unidentified, the account remaining outstanding and the student not being admitted to class.

10.2      By post, in the form of a cheque + to Hilton Hall Dance Academy, 2 Cellini Walk, Kings Hill, West Malling Kent ME19 4BA

10.3      In three equal monthly instalments the first to be paid before term commences and the final payment before the relevant term ends.

10.4     In person to Reception during Academy opening hours by cheque or cash. Receipts will be given for cash payments

  1. The Academy will not accept any liability for cash or cheques left at Reception if the office is unattended, given to teachers or any other persons not authorised to receive money. All payments must be made in accordance with Clause 10 above.

Register, attendance and absence

  1. A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records student attendance for the purposes of health and safety and security.
  2. Please inform the office if you have a planned absence.
  3. If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic or any other seen or unforeseen event, the Academy will endeavour but cannot guarantee to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day or a different time or both from when the class was originally scheduled, and might involve an extension to the term time dates. No refunds will be given in this case.

Late Payment

  1. The payer will receive written notice if payment has not been received in accordance with these terms and conditions including bounced cheques or failed Direct Debit payments.
  2. The Academy reserves the right to charge a late payment fee if an invoice remains unpaid after the date stated in the invoice.

Right to attend, change classes, withdrawal and termination of attendance

If an invoice has not been paid within the required period in accordance with Clause 10, the student will not be admitted to any classes until the invoice has been paid in full.

  1. The Academy reserves the right at any time during the term to ask students to leave a class if any fees remain outstanding after the start of term.
  2. Students are required to give one term's written notice if they wish to withdraw from classes or pay the required terms fees in Lieu. The terms of notice including dates when notice must be received are clearly detailed on each invoice. Failure to inform the Academy of withdrawal will result in proceedings to collect any debts that might remain unpaid including interest charges in accordance with Clause 17.
  3. If a student wishes to change class or to start an additional class, the parent/guardian must give their consent in writing to the Principals so that they can be invoiced for the additional or new class.


  1. There may be times when teachers in the school use physical intervention in respect of good teaching (adjusting arm lines, for example). It must be understood by all parents and guardians of students that this is deemed necessary in the safe and effective teaching of dance technique.

Code of Conduct

  1. A Professional Protocol will be issued to students and parents/guardians. Failure to observe this code of conduct may result in students being asked to leave. The Academy reserves the right to refuse any student prior to or after enrolment. No refund will be given if the Professional Protocol has been broken.


  1. The Academy reserves the right to alter the advertised programme and faculty without prior notice. The information in this and any other printed or electronic brochure/notice was correct at the time of printing or publication on-line.

Data Protection

  1. Hilton Hall Dance Academy holds information about our customers to enable us to carry out our business as a membership, dance education and training organisation. This information includes the contact details you supply to us and may also include information on examinations, courses and student records.
  2. Hilton Hall Dance Academy will not disclose your information to third parties outside the Academy except where the law allows or requires, or where you are entered for an examination, audition, competition or performance.

 Copyright/ Intellectual Property

  1. All festival dances and examination solos remain the property of Hilton Hall Dance Academy. They cannot be performed without written permission from the Academy.

Changes to the terms and conditions

  1. The Academy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time providing one term’s notice is given to students.

Agreement to the terms and conditions

  1. Parents and guardians of students attending classes are required to sign their acceptance of the terms and conditions for each student related to or their responsibility by signing the confirmation on the enrolment form.

First Aid

  1. It is understood that first aid will be administered to students when deemed necessary and accidents and injuries recorded in the accident book. Severe injuries will be reported to RIDDOR. In the case of an emergency, and if the parent/guardian is absent, it is understood that teachers will act as loco parentis where necessary. An ambulance will be called and the parents contacted.

Professional Protocol

At Hilton Hall Dance Academy we strive to uphold the professional protocol of the dance world. We are fully insured and our staff hold the required CRB checks as well as chaperone licenses. We invest time in maintaining our training, and in creating artistic and creative pieces for our students in order to deliver the highest level of professionalism. In return we expect our students to follow the accepted professional protocol of well-trained dance students laid out below.

  1. We expect each of our students to perform to the best of their ability in all classes, auditions and performances.
  2. Students should inform the teacher before the start of class if they have any injury. As with any physical activity injuries can occur from time to time Hilton Hall cannot be held responsible for any injury.
  3. Students must attend in the appropriate uniform.
  4. Hair must be neat and appropriate for each form of dance.
  5. Students are not to attend classes, summer schools or auditions elsewhere without the Academy’s permission. Should you feel your child would benefit from attending a summer school, or scholars class, please ask us. We support such classes of good repute and will be honest with our advice.
  6. We do not accept pupils from other dance schools unless we have written permission from the school involved.
  7. We have worked hard to earn our reputation and we are proud of you when you perform under our name. Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner not only within the Academy but also whilst attending festivals, performances or other events as students of Hilton Hall. You should be polite to students and parents of other schools as well as festival organisers. We also ask that you are dressed appropriately, not entering the auditorium in costume, being quiet backstage and acting professionally at all times.
  8. Students are not permitted to enter any dance festivals or other events without our knowledge and consent. Not only because it is unprofessional but it impacts on our licensing requirements as well as presenting insurance issues.
  9. We are keen for you to progress and broaden your experience and we have a wealth of experience in the profession. We will help you with performance opportunities outside the Academy where at all possible. We will NOT permit students to take part in anything we believe will be:
    1. A threat to personal safety or present an injury issue,
    2. A problem with licensing for licensed students,
    3. Damaging to the reputation of the Academy,
    4. A conflict with existing commitments affecting other students at the Academy, unless agreed by all parties.
  10. It is vital to the school and industry that respect and loyalty is given to our teachers at all times from both students and parents. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated at any level.
  11. Parents – please could we also ask that you refrain from:
    1. Interrupting lessons - if you have a question please talk to the office staff or email Miss Roberts & Miss Alexa: hiltonhalldance@gmail.com
    2. Coming into the studios as these spaces are for teachers and dancers, unless you are otherwise invited.
    3. Making any derogatory remarks about other dancers, schools or adjudicators at festivals.
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