Mrs A Whitfield

My 4 children enjoy and thrive in the warm family atmosphere whilst benefiting enormously from the professionalism of Hilton Hall Dance Academy. The disciplined approach to classes is firm and loving, ensuring excellent exam grades throughout. The students are expected to work hard and show commitment which they do with a marked enthusiasm. There are many opportunities to perform, with the annual highlight being the highly polished shows at the Hazlitt Theatre. Each of my children has a passion for dance, inspired by the Academy and have chosen to pursue careers in dance, it enriches their futures and the results are extremely rewarding.

Charlotte Berry

Throughout the years Hilton Hall has provided a safe, happy and welcoming environment with which to spend my spare time. The quality of teaching is always excellent with all staff having knowledge of a range of dance techniques and skills. They also know how best to facilitate learning for different ages and abilities. Dancing with the Academy has given me the opportunity to perform at a range of locations and venues from Her Majesty’s Theatre London to Beauvais, France. Hilton Hall has a reputation for producing shows that are innovative, exciting and high quality and this is emphasised by the comments and reviews received by audiences over the years. Hilton Hall is like a second home and second family and I would encourage anybody to come along and experience this for themselves.

Sarah Mortimer ARAD BA

Hilton Hall Dance Academy produces dancers to an exceptional high level for a part-time school. Being an ex student of Hilton Hall and someone who was accepted into a full time ballet school sees the advantage that this dance school offers; they concentrate on producing dancers with an understanding for clean and exceptionally good technique. Not only is it such a welcoming place, with a loving family environment, the teachers and performance opportunities offered, make children of all ages eager to learn

Lucy Henderson

Choosing Hilton Hall Dance Academy as a dance school for our girls is probably the best decision we have ever made. From day one, as our 3 year old was led into the studio hand in hand with one of the senior girls, we have been impressed by the caring yet professional atmosphere at the school. Several years down
the line, now having 2 daughters enrolled, we have witnessed the way relationships grow between the students across age gaps, providing young children with countless positive role models. Senior dancers work closely with the youngest dancers, helping to form good habits from the very start and enabling very young children to have the confidence to step out and perform, and most importantly to enjoy it. This ethos of the dancers supporting each other works all the way through and parents are also encouraged to get involved; helping with costumes and backstage during performances. Everybody gets to know each other so well that your child always knows there is someone they can turn to.
The quality of dancing produced by the Academy is clearly exceptional. At each Open Day, we are amazed by both the progress our girls and their friends have made, and the magical atmosphere where the girls and boys encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes. The highlight of every year is the outstanding Annual
Show at the Hazlitt Theatre, where a breathtaking, seamless display of dance is performed by 2 year olds through to 22+ year olds. Each dancer is given their opportunity to shine but none are pushed beyond their limit. Testament to the enthusiasm for dance fostered during their time at Hilton Hall is the numbers who choose to carry on dancing either at Further Education or as a hobby whilst working. We know if our girls want a future
in dance, they are getting the best foundation here. The students, across the ages, love going to the studios; such dedication doesn’t happen without shared respect between student and teacher.
Joanna Roberts doesn’t just teach our children to dance; she nurtures them and cares for them and their well-being, always wanting the best for each individual child. In Hilton Hall we feel we have truly extended our family; the girls have definitely made friendships for life at HH, and so have I.
Hilton Hall Dance Academy
First Floor, Raglan House
St Peters Street
Kent ME16 0SN
01622 755049
07921 402625
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